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Dogs Rescued Together Wish to Be Brothers in New Home

Dog Rescue

Dogs Rescued Together Wish to Be Brothers in New Home

While Jeff and Jericho are not quite the same in appearance, they are practically brothers.

Jefe, a 2-year-old Chihuahua, has a huge personality full of love and energy. Jericho, a 3-year-old German Shepherd, is a stunning dog with the sweetest eyes. These two suffered from neglect together, and have been inseparable ever since.

After being rescued by the Arizona Humane Society, Jefe and Jericho are able to head in search of new homes. All they need are loving families willing and ready to adopt.

The two dogs were found in a dirt backyard by Arizona Humane Society’s Emergency Animal Medical Technicians. Even in this moment, the love between Jefe and Jericho was clear as day.

Jericho was starved and looked clearly emaciated because of it. He was found lying on the floor, with not an ounce of energy. Jefe was lying right on top of him, doing his best to protect the dog he loved most.

After being so malnourished, Jericho had grown incredibly weak. He could hardly stand with the EAMTs arrived, and so he was carefully lifted into an ambulance. Jefe was worried sick, barking and rushing around feverishly at the technicians’ feet. All he wanted was his brother.

When rescuers saw this reaction, they knew the two should never again be separated.

Jericho was tick-ridden, and tested positive for ehrlichia. He also had Valley Fever – which has symptoms much like the flu.

Jefe was in good health, doing everything in his power to provide unconditional love for Jericho.

The two dogs were placed in a foster home together. Jericho was finally getting healthy and well-nourished! He was a very calm and gentle dog with lots of love to give.

Jefe was also loving – always looking to cuddle and snuggle the day away. He would simply hop into your lap and get comfy.

Both dogs are amazing with children, and love to play. If you are interested in adopting this dynamic duo, bring your family by to meet them. This will make it easier to make sure they are ready and willing to be a part of your family!

Call 602-997-7585 Ext. 2156 to find out more about adopting!

Source: iHeartDogs

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