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Wounded Mother and Seven Puppies Free to Begin a New Life

Dog Rescue

Wounded Mother and Seven Puppies Free to Begin a New Life

On Long Island in New York, a family of eight started a new life. 

Amelia the dog was tied to a wooden dog house in a yard in Texas. Someone noted she was in heat and had given birth to many puppies. 

It was also noted that Amelia had a clear injury. Her left ear was torn and she was receiving no medical care.

Founder of A-Team Elite Rescue Dogs, Cindy Droogmans, has worked to coordinate dog rescues from Texas. Many dogs like Amelia have suffered in overcrowded shelters. 

When a dog is in need, Droogmans's Texas connections contact her. Droogman then works to do anything in her power to get the dogs to a local vet and bring them to Long Island. She then works to find their new forever homes. 

"When I received the pictures for help I noticed the one ear," Droogmans said. Amelia, because she was tied up, could barely reach her own puppies to care for them. "Even when we were full house I could not leave this mommy with her seven puppies behind ... Amelia was tied up on her 'house' in full heat with her puppies running around. It was pure horror for a mommy dog."

Fortunately, Amelia's owner surrendered her and her puppies - each and every one of them!

This week, the family of dogs arrived on Long Island and the search for forever homes has begun. 

Amelia's puppies - Atishia, Angie, Amina, Aleria, Arrow, Aragon, and Arion - are likely to find homes quickly. 

Doogmans is working to make sure Amelia has a chance at a new life as well. 

"This girl deserves a much better life," Droogmans said. "We are looking for a family who has a lot of love to give to her."

If you are interested in giving Amelia a new life, fill out the application

Source: The Dodo

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