Cat Interrupts His Owner’s Live TV Interview In The Funniest Way

All cat guardians will be able to relate to this story! For one feline, he decided it was time for his Dad’s attention and it was time right MEOW.

Dr. Jerzy Targalski may be a Polish historian, political scientist, and writer but clearly, his biggest role is being a cat dad. During a live TV interview, one of Dr. Targalski’s cats decided he wanted attention and he wanted it NOW.

Source: Twitter/rudybouma

During an on-camera interview with Dutch news program, Nieuwsuur, one of Dr. Targalski’s cats named Lisio climbed UP his Dad’s arm and made himself comfortable on top his shoulders.

Lisio then sweetly licks Dr. Targalski’s ear during the segment. You would think such a moment would be distracting and Dr. Targalski would stumble after Lisio hijacked the interview, but the historian kept right on going! This certainly wasn’t the first time Lisio decided to make his presence known.

Source: Twitter/rudybouma


The video of the interview has since, understandably, gone viral with cat lovers worldwide loving Lisio’s show of affection. If you are thinking of adding a feline to your crew, please always adopt and never shop! There are millions of loving cats, just like Lisio, waiting for their chance a forever home.

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