Family Moves Into New Home And Finds Previous Owner’s Missing Cat

Surprise! Crispy is a little confused when she walks into the living room…

When a young family was in the process of moving from California to Texas, the commotion and moving boxes scared their poor cat, Crispy. When the front door was opened to move boxes, Crispy made a run for it. Her family searched and searched for her but had no luck. The young girl was particularly devastated.

Unfortunately, the family had to make the move to Texas. They held on to some hope that their precious cat would someday be found, and the young girl was sure to tell the new house tenant all about her cat, Crispy.

Source: Jeff Saul

The New Home’s Intruder

Jeff Saul, the home’s new tenant, was all moved in when he heard meows coming from outside.

“Once I heard it, I opened our front door to see her run inside,” Jeff told The Dodo. “She ran to our living room to only have the most confused look on her face. I felt bad for the young girl, she ran to other rooms to only come to emptiness.”

Crispy had finally decided it was safe to come home, but much to her dismay, her things and her beloved family were gone. Jeff could tell that Crispy was very confused.

Jeff guessed that Crispy belonged to the previous family. He tried what he could to console her and keep her company.

Source: Jeff Saul

A Happy Ending for All

A friend of the previous family came by to pick up some things and confirmed that Crispy was the family’s cat. The family friend took Crispy in and informed the family that she was found. The friend planned to bring Crispy to Texas as soon as possible.

Losing a pet can be devastating! We are so glad that this story has a happy ending for all involved. Make sure to share with family and friends.

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