This Famous Cat Luhu May Look Sad, But He’s Actually As Happy As Can Be!

Meet your new favorite Instagram-famous kitty: Luhu. The cat appears to have a permanent looking face due to a developmental birth defect. But don’t worry: the five-year-old cat loves to play and meet new people!

Luhu lives with his Mom, Maggie Liu in Beijing, China and has racked up over 170,000 followers on Instagram due to his charming looks.

Indeed, Luhu may look sad, but he is having the time of his life with his human Mom and the two other felines he lives with.

Source: Instagram: Maggie Liu (@lanlan731)

“When he was two weeks he went to [the] hospital because his eyes, respiratory system and reproductive system [were] born with developmental defects. My friend didn’t have much time to take care of him, so I have [had] him since 3 weeks [after] the hospital,” Liu shared with PEOPLE.

Source: Instagram: Maggie Liu (@lanlan731)

As Luhu followers often remark, Luhu is “sad on the outside, happy on the inside.” “He’s quite outgoing. He is not shy at all [and] loves to take photos,” Liu shared. If you’d like to follow all of Luhu’s cuteness (who wouldn’t!), you can follow him on Instagram here.

Source: Instagram: Maggie Liu (@lanlan731)

Lulu’s story highlights that what’s on the inside is truly what matters. If you’re thinking about adding a feline to your home, please always adopt and never shop!

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