Woman Cares for 12 Cats and Runs Adorable Instagram About Them

It all began with one cat in December of 2010 – abandoned, sad, wet, and cold, waiting for help in the center of the road. This cat was taken in by Michelle, and was named Yuki.


Image Credit: @12catslady on InstagramOver time, Michelle recognized that Yuki needed a little company. When she came across two cats, she simply could not pick one. Two more cats came home – Momo and Shou. Poor Momo was a sickly little cat, and Shou was very badly matted. Michelle knew she could save them and allow them to thrive under her care.

Image Credit: @12catslady on Instagram

Then, well, nine kittens came along!

Image Credit: @12catslady on Instagram

Animal lover Michelle lives in Japan and is a mother to 12 Persian Chinchilla cats. She runs an Instagram account called “12 Cats Lady”, where she posts all about her big cat family.

Image Credit: Daily Mail

The twelve cats are Yuki, Shou, Momo, Blackie, Bruce, Kaya, Karu, Yuri, Ai, James, Tiger, and Goodie.

Image Credit: @12catslady on Instagram

The Instagram page now has over 230,000 followers. Everyone loves to see this big family of fluffy kitties!

Image Credit: @12catslady on Instagram

Michelle feeds her cats well, with tuna and boiled chicken. She estimates that she spends around $90 a week feeding all of the cats.

Image Credit: Daily Mail
Image Credit: @12catslady on Instagram

All in all, Michelle says the cats get along with each other. Just like in any family, there are a few little fights, but it is quickly solved.

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