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This Dog Risks His Life Every Day to Greet The Local Town


For nearly 12 years, a dog named Bruno has been wandering four miles to Longville, Minnesota – every day.  The purpose of his trip?  To say hello to the people of the town!

Bruno had been a stray until he stumbled across Larry LaVallee  Over ten years ago, a man came up Larry’s driveway with a little puppy, thinking it must have been his.  Since the puppy ended up being a stray, Larry decided to take the puppy in.

Larry tried to keep Bruno at home, but Bruno wanted nothing more than to be free to roam. Larry even attempted to chain Bruno, however Bruno nearly hanged himself from it.  Larry realized that Bruno had an unbearable desire to take adventures, and allowed Bruno freedom to journey.  Time and time again, Larry received phone calls about a lost dog, and let the callers know that Bruno always walks himself back home.

After all of these years, Longville has gotten used to seeing Bruno.  He often stops at the ice cream shop, the library, and even city hall!  Sometimes Bruno even decides to stop into some offices and grocery stores.  Workers everywhere Bruno goes say hello and give him little snacks.  The community loves him, and because of this, the town has even named Bruno town dog and town ambassador.  There’s even a carved wooden statue of Bruno!

(h/t BoredPanda and Twisted Sifter)

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