Cat Becomes Leader for a Flock of Lambs

Steve is an orange tabby cat, with a strong following!

Here in New Zealand, Steve has a flock of lambs that are extremely loyal to him.

Image Credit: Facebook

Steve the cat began his life as a typical, indoor pet.  When his family decided to adopt a bunch of baby lambs, the cat saw his opportunity to lead a more exciting life.

When Steve’s owners, Amanda Whitlock and partner, originally took in the lambs, they were greatly in need of a leader.  Steve quickly stepped up to the plate, becoming the official leader of the pack!

Image Credit: New Zealand Herald

Steve will wander around the yard, and the lambs will follow him to and fro.  No matter what he’s doing, all the lambs need to know.

A video was posted in order to delve deeper into this story, and gain knowledge on Steve’s rise to power.

(h/t The Dodo)

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