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Anxious Goat Calmed Only By Wearing Duck Costume 

Polly is one of the newest rescue goats from the Goats of Anarchy rescue group in New Jersey.

Image Credits: Instagram @goatsofanarchy

She has medical issues that include blindness, difficulty with eating, and anxiety. Polly is severely underweight and has neurological problems as well.

Image Credit: Instagram (@goatsofanarchy)

Sometimes, Polly would end up going all around the house and sucking on the walls in the corners. Whenever Polly could not find her owner, she would cry and feel very upset. Her anxious behaviors consumed much of her life.

Image Credit: Instagram (@goatsofanarchy)

Leanna Lauricella, the woman that runs Goats of Anarchy, decided to head to Marshalls around Halloween. There she spotted a duck costume in the children’s section and her first thought was Polly.

Lauricella simply thought that the duck costume would look cute, but had no idea how much good it would end up doing for Polly.

Image Credit: Instagram (@goatsofanarchy)

When Lauricella brought home the duck costume an amazing thing happened – it calmed down Polly! As soon as the costume went on, Polly’s anxiety was gone. She even managed to fall asleep once the duck costume was on.

“There’s something about that duck costume that calms her,” Lauricella said. “She goes into a little trance. She just closes her eyes and she’s out.”

Image Credit: Instagram (@goatsofanarchy)

From now on, whenever little Polly suffers from an anxiety attack, Lauricella puts on the duck costume and instantly brings Polly back to feeling comfortable.

Polly goes out and about with Lauricella, including to the local stores. On occasion, Polly will even fall asleep in the shopping cart when she’s in her duck costume!

Image Credit: Instagram (@goatsofanarchy)

Lauricella has gathered more costumes for Polly, however the duck is still Polly’s favorite one. The pig and fox costumes look absolutely precious, though!

Lauricella says that Polly will grow more, and most likely outgrow her favorite duck costume. That’s when another great thing happened…

Image Credit: Instagram (@goatsofanarchy)

Another rescue goat from Goats of Anarchy that is handicapped came into the picture. Lauricella decided to try putting Pocket on Polly’s back. He wrapped himself around her and cozied up…

Image Credit: Instagram (@goatsofanarchy)

…and Polly was able to fall asleep! Pocket was just like the duck suit for her. Polly just needs comfort and love.

Image Credit: Instagram (@goatsofanarchy)

(h/t The Dodo and Bored Panda)


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