Dog Celebrates First Birthday with Her Whole Family

Marvel’s birthday party had everything – from treats and games to family and friends. Her siblings, two other dogs, a cat, and a lizard, all joined in the fun.

Image Credit: Emma Bias

While Marvel and her siblings look different, they are all best friends! Age and species can’t change the love they have for each other. Everyone was happy to celebrate her special day.

“Skye is the black lab and she is 6 years old,” Emma Bias, the crew’s mom, told The Dodo. “Neave is the yellow lab and she is 3 years old. Espurr is the cat and she is 1 year old. Sparrow is the bearded dragon and he is 4; he is the only brother in the group. They all love each other very much. The sisters love to play and cuddle together.”

Image Credit: Emma Bias

At her party, Marvel got lots of presents – including treats and an awesome pizza squeaky toy.

Marvel played with her sisters in the yard, playing fetch and tug of war. The brothers watched from the sidelines.

Of course, there is no party without food! Everyone had a special treat…

Image Credit: Emma Bias

And lots of it!

Image Credit: Emma Bias

“I made a homemade dog-friendly cake which was made of oats, carrots and blueberries with peanut butter icing,” Bias said. “I made cheese and chicken biscuits, and I left out salad for the bearded dragon.”

Everyone loved the treats, and they certainly loved sitting at (and sometimes on) the table. What a great way to celebrate the first year of life!

Image Credit: Emma Bias

After two hours, party time came to an end. Luckily for all the partygoers, the fun never has to stop – there are many occasions to celebrate in the future!

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