Anxious Dog Lives Better Life with Best Cat Friend

By: Nathan Grant

Samantha Kreisler adopted a very skinny puppy from a Miami animal shelter in 2014 - despite being warned against doing so.

The staff at the shelter was concerned the dog would be a challenge to care for.

“They urged me multiple times that she would be a lot of work due to malnourishment and a mystery skin condition on her back legs,” Kreisler told The Dodo.

Image Credit: Samantha Kreisler

Kreisler followed her gut and adopted the dog anyway.

“We had an immediate connection,” she said. “She was so sad and quiet in her cage all alone. The second we took her out for her ‘test walk,’ she started wagging and kissing and jumping.”

Kreisler left her new loving pup, Lady.

Image Credit: Samantha Kreisler

“I took her straight to the vet and they did some tests and found that she had ringworm that was causing her loss of hair and oozing skin,” Kreisler stated.

Lady was also struggling with diarrhea and low weight.

On top of her physical woes, she also battled with anxiety.

“I saw from an early age that she had anxiety whenever I left her alone,” Kreisler said. “She would literally get physically sick whenever I left her.”

Image Credit: Samantha Kreisler

When Kreisler had adopted Lady, she was a student at the University of Miami. Because of this, she needed to be away from home quite often.

“With the approval of my really chill marine science teachers, I took her to every single class for the rest of my college career,” Kreisler said. “She was always so well-behaved and just loved being around people.”

When Kreisler began her master’s degree, her professors were not as easygoing. With Lady stuck at home, Kreisler needed to come up with a new idea.

“I noticed that she had an affinity for my neighbor’s cat, Bruce,” Kreisler said. “He was an indoor-outdoor cat in Florida, and she would constantly go over and lick him. So I decided to get a kitten for Lady.”

Image Credit: Samantha Kreisler

Kreisler decided to head back to the shelter. This time for a kitten!

While at the shelter, Kreisler was drawn to a little, one pound kitten.

“I found this one little thing sitting all alone in a cage by herself,” Kreisler said. “I went in a room to hold her and she immediately fell asleep on my chest. I loved her immediately.”

Lady was instantly in love with her new kitten sibling!

Image Credit: Samantha Kreisler

Kreisler decided to call the kitten Kitty, as she was not responding to Roo.

“Kitty was unsure at first,” she added. “I mean, Lady fell in love at first sight so she came on a bit strong, but once Kitty fell asleep on Lady’s warm tummy, she was in love.”

Image Credit: Samantha Kreisler

“Lady brought Kitty her favorite toys,” Kreisler said. “And once even brought her doggy bed over. My heart melted.”

Now the pair can’t get enough of each other!

Image Credit: Samantha Kreisler

“Every morning they wake up and groom each other,” Kreisler said. “They eat together. In the summer they love, love, love to sit on the porch together. Lady likes to watch the cars and the people, while Kitty focuses on squirrels and birds. They’re an inseparable duo.”

Image Credit: Samantha Kreisler

The two are always playing – and to great surprise, Kitty is usually the instigator!

“Kitty will surprise attack Lady all the time,” Kreisler said. “And Lady and Kitty love to play chase. Kitty will come out and surprise Lady and then she will sprint down the hall with Lady running after her.”

Image Credit: Samantha Kreisler

Lady loves to play, even to be chased, by her cat sister. Kitty makes Lady’s anxiety disappear, and has helped her illness!

Image Credit: Samantha Kreisler

“They are sisters and best friends,” Kreisler said. “They are there for each other.”

Image Credit: Samantha Kreisler

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Source: The Dodo 

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