You Won’t Believe How These Kids Are Helping Local Shelter Animals. It’s Unbelievable!

By: Nathan Grant

Life as a shelter dog can be scary. But that’s about to change for these furry pups at a local Missouri animal shelter…

It’s all thanks to some pretty amazing kids!

It may be impossible for every person to adopt the millions of animals who need our love and support.

But these kids are shining the light on a group of rescue dogs who need our love. Thanks to them, shy dogs are getting a chance to show their love at the Humane Society of Missouri.

A special program is making sure these dogs are prepared for life outside of the shelter.

And these kids are making that a reality. They will grow up loving and understanding what it means to adopt a dog in need of a supportive home.

Thanks to a new program, “Shelter Buddies Reading Program.” The shelter program allows kids, ages 6 to 15, to read books to shelter dogs.

There is something calming about the sound of a child’s voice.

The shelter program hasn’t just shown improvement in the shelter’s shy dogs. It’s also calming the more anxious dogs at the shelter as well.

Each child completes 10 hours of training before reading to the dogs. The training is an important tool to help each child understand “doggie language.”

They learn how to read dog body language and how a dog looks when it’s scared or stressed.

shelter-dogs (4)Children also learn how to interact with the animals. Of course, there is always adult supervision. Kids can come back and read anytime once they complete their training.

Kids must always bring an adult with them. Adults seem to enjoy the program, too!

The “Shelter Buddies Reading Program” doesn’t just benefit the dogs. The program also benefits the kids who are apart of it. They learn how to interact with animals. They also get to sharpen up their reading skills. A pretty vital skill.

shelter-dogs (1)The more timid dogs aren’t the only ones benefiting from the program. High-energy dogs, too, have shown improvements from being read to.

After their 10 hours of training, kids can begin reading to the dogs. The children will sit in front of the dogs kennel and read them a story.

The shelter also makes sure each child has treats on hand. If a dog approaches the front of the kennel, he or she gets tossed a treat. It’s a sweet treat the child and dogs enjoy.

shelter-dogs (3)Shelter staff at the Humane Society of Missouri have noticed a change. Once fearful dogs are now not so fearful.
The program is new to the shelter. But, positive change has come.

The community has also accepted the shelter program. The sign-ups to jump on board are rising.

This means more children to read. This means more dogs preparing for life outside of the shelter.

There is one big goal that is achieved with the “Shelter Buddies Reading Program.” Preparing these dogs for their forever homes.

shelter-dogs (2)The Humane Society of Missouri hopes to expand this program to their other shelters.

They also don’t want the reading to stop at dogs. They plan on expanding story time to cats as well.

Have you ever volunteered at an animal shelter? What tasks did you do to help the animals?

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