Animal Rescuer Sees Homeless Man’s Sign and Has to Help

By: Nathan Grant

Near a Huntsville, Texas Walmart, a rather young homeless man was standing by the road. When leaving the store, Wilma Price noticed him, and took a look at the man’s sign, which read “Dog in Pound Need Help”.

Image Credit: Wilma Price Facebook

Wilma is the co-founder of Mr. K’s Pet Shelter, and felt it important to her to help this man. He had been arrested for trespassing, and as a result, his dog was taken to the pound due to his inability to care for it in his absence.

Wilma stopped her car, and learned what she could about what happened. She then worked tirelessly to get Patrick, the homeless 30-year-old, his dog back.

Image Credit: Wilma Price Facebook

Patrick could not raise the $120 needed to get back the dog, and Wilma did not have quite that much to give. To help, she confirmed Patrick’s story with the shelter, and confirmed the cost required to get Fred back. Everything checked out.

Image Credit: Wilma Price Facebook

In an effort to raise the funds needed, Wilma contacted a donor that frequently gave money to her shelter. This donor decided to help by providing the funds necessary to get the dog. Wilma went back to Patrick, and learned all about his life in the meantime.

Image Credit: Wilma Price Facebook

Through their conversation, Wilma saw just how much Patrick loved his dog, Fred. Fred had become his companion, and he worked to take proper care of Fred. Some of Patrick’s only belongings included Fred’s food dish and toys.

Image Credit: Wilma Price Facebook

As a team, Wilma and Patrick went to the shelter to get back Fred. Patrick was given paperwork to document that Fred is well cared for – it explained Fred’s current Rabies vaccine and negative heartworm test. Alas, the two could unite.

Image Credit: Wilma Price Facebook

Fred was so excited to see his owner once again! As he held Fred once again, it brought tears to Patrick’s eyes. He tried to give Wilma money for her help, and to help pay back some of the money she provided for him, however Wilma declined the offer.

Image Credit: Wilma Price Facebook

Patrick used the money he had to get Fred a great dinner, and whatever was left of the money, he would use for his own meal. Wilma hoped to do more for the two, but simply couldn’t afford to help much otherwise. She cried as she dropped Patrick and Fred back near the Walmart where she had seen Patrick in the first place.

Video Credit: Wilma Price

Many people have now helped Patrick and Fred get their lives back on track, all thanks to Wilma’s big heart, Mr. K’s Shelter, and those that helped Patrick get Fred!

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