Faith in Humanity Restored: Man Saves His Dog From Volcano in Guatemala

By: Nathan Grant

Ignacio Lopez wasn’t about to leave his dog to die at the hands of a violent volcano in Guatemala. What he did to save his dog will bring any animal lover to tears.

Ignacio Lopez was ordered to evacuate his village of El Rodeo in Guatemala after the Volcan De Fuego volcano started to erupt. Despite the lava continuing to emit mini eruptions sending lava towards his home, Lopez heroically came back to rescue his dog, Brava.

Source: Image 100 TV

When Lopez returned to his village of El Rodeo, he was able to pick up a few of his personal items, but being reunited with his dog left him speechless.

Source: Image 100 TV

“I lost everything, my family is alive thanks to God, they are burned but alive, I rescue some clothing, and the rest God will take care of that, and my dog who is my whole soul,” Lopez said.

Thankfully, Bravo seemed unharmed from the volcano and was thrilled to see his Dad come back to save him. Check out the above video to see the happy reunion!

Source: Image 100 TV

Lopez’s dedication to his dog, Bravo sets an example to all dog lovers. Dog trust us to protect them from harm and even during natural disasters, it’s up to us to help our furry friends! Be sure to share this article within your network to spread the positive message.

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