She Found a Stray Dog Nearly Dead, But Instead of Letting Him Die This Happened…

By: Nathan Grant

Animal Welfare in Greece is really bad right now. There's too much suffering every day.

That’s why when this amazing human being saw Billy’s photos, she decided to help him. She first saw Billy’s photo on Facebook that someone posted and it was terrifying to see. She had no idea what to expect but she told her team to “get him here and I’ll foster him.”

But when Billy arrived, it was thought to be too late…


They built him a home and were pretty sure that they just were there to give him a dignified death. There seemed like nothing could be done. When the vet looked at him, the foster team thought he would say put him to sleep. But he didn’t. Instead, he examined him, took blood samples and sent them home. He suffered from a very contagious type of mange so they nursed him in a small room and comforted him while slowly bringing him back to life.


What happens over the next few weeks will absolutely warm your heart. Billy makes not only a full recovery, but look how happy he is!


This story brought tears of joy to my face and I hope it does the same for you!

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