Dog Keeps Puppy Litter Safe in the Ground Until Help Comes

By: Nathan Grant

One day, a man posted a status on Facebook about giving away a mother dog and her litter of nine puppies.

The mother dog was four years old, and this was her third litter of puppies…but the first litter to actually survive.

The local community responded to the man’s post and worked hard to adopt and save all of the dogs! Their first action was to call the Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary as well as Mr. Bones & Co.

He posted this to Facebook, and the neighbors immediately stepped in to take the dogs. Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary heard about the situation and contacted Mr. Bones & Co. Rescue for help.

They believed the dog, Nana, put her litter of puppies in a hole dug in the dirt, in order to keep them safe and comfortable.

They believe Nana placed the puppies in this hole in the ground to keep them cool and safe.

The Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary brought in the puppies and mother. The puppies were steadily weaned so that they could head to Mr. Bones & Co. in New York City.

Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary took the dog family in until the puppies could be weaned and make the move to New York where Mr. Bones & Co. is located.

Because of how much loss Nana has experienced, she was very protective of her little pups. In order to make the entire family feel safe, all of the staff members worked to do everything they could!

Having watched all of her other puppies die, Nana was very protective of this litter. The staff did everything they could to help mama feel safe and to know that her puppies were safe.

Of course, the staff decided to name the puppies. The theme choice? Peter Pan. The puppies were named: Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily, Wendy, John, Cubby, Liza, and Jane.

The staff decided to name the puppies after Peter Pan characters: Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily, Wendy, John, Michael, Cubby, Liza and Jane.

The puppies have grown much older…

All nine puppies continued to grow bigger and healthier.

And took a journey to New Jersey in order to head to Pilots N Paws, where Mr. Bones & Co. would be retrieving them and driving them to New York.

And then it was time to fly to New Jersey with Pilots N Paws. From there, Mr. Bones & Co. would pick them up and drive them to New York.

The nine puppies were driven to their new foster homes. Nana rode in the car with them, and steadily became very tired. For the first time in a long time, she was able to relax and feel safe.

Rescuers drove the nine puppies to their foster homes the day of arrival, and now it was Nana's turn. As she rode along in the car, they could tell the exhausted mama finally felt safe and relaxed.

All ten dogs are enjoying life in their new homes! Nana’s foster family is interested in adopting her. The hectic journey was all worthwhile.

The 10 dogs are thriving in their foster homes, and Nana's foster family may even adopt her! It'd been a long journey but well worth it.

For those interested, Bones & Co. is holding an annual adoption event on September 24th!

Image Credits: PawMyGosh

(h/t PawMyGosh and the Dodo)

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