Foxy Roxy and Her Fierce Window Leaning Becomes Famous

Image Credit: Instagram: @h_cato

Foxy Roxy Mango the French Mastiff is becoming well known for her chill appearance while she’s hanging out in the van. Everyone passing likes to snap photos of her as she drives around London! Foxy Roxy loves to just chill out on the window – she knows she’s cool!

Trying my paw at acting. This is me, contemplating. #nextbigthing #gotskills

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Roxy’s social media presence makes her internationally famous!

Havin’ a snuggle with Lucy Rose

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Even Ellie Goulding was totally excited about meeting celebrity Roxy!

Strolling through Soho and…

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Foxy Roxy doesn’t let her fame affect her super chill attitude. Her Instagram bio says “Mostly seen cruisin’ round London chillin’ in my courier van” and “Known to drool occasionally”.

On the job in fleet street. Captured by John Madden

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While she may have a tough look, Roxy is a feminine girl and is proud of it!

Me and my very close human friend Jake O’Gorman

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It’s no surprise everybody is taking pictures of her!

So certified he made the London snapchat story #ChillGoals

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Check out her Instagram and Twitter!

Spotted chillin’ by jamie Widdis

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