Heroes Save Dogs In Louisiana Flood, That Spent 16 Hours Clinging for Dear Life

By: Nathan Grant

Many people – thousands even – have been required to leave their homes due to flooding in Louisiana.  During this process, pets often end up left behind.

Fortunately, heroic individuals braved the flood and ventured to save the animals and ensure they do not perish.

One rescuer in particular from Baton Rouge, Mike Anderson, was heavily affected by the floods, but saw the importance of saving the animals.

Baton Rouge was recently devastated by floods, and rescuer Mike Anderson set out to save any pets left behind.

Mike Anderson and friend, Darrell Watson, came upon two pit bulls who were unable to escape on their own.  They were completely stranded.

Mike and Darrell understood the importance of saving all animals – of all breeds.

The dogs had spent around 16 hours holding on for dear life.  Mike and his friend Darrell found two pit bulls who'd become separated from their families and stranded in the water.

The men have saved 100 lives already, and will continue to save more!

They determined the dogs had spent up to 16 hours clinging on to whatever they could to stay alive. So far, they've saved 100 lives--and they aren't done yet!

(h/t The Dodo)

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