Family Deserts Their Dog at Local Shelter with Nothing But Her Teddy Bear

By: Nathan Grant

"She basically lost everything she’s ever known..."

Ellie, a one-year-old Blue Lacy dog was ditched by her family and left at a shelter in Dallas, Texas.

Ellie’s Sad Beginning

Jennifer Jessup, an independent dog rescuer from New York City, told The Dodo Ellie’s story: Ellie’s family “had gone to the trouble of getting all her shots, her spay surgery and microchip … [then] they just dumped her at the closest shelter after having her for months. She basically lost everything she’s ever known, and at 1 year old, [she] found herself in a loud, scary place where they euthanize for space.”

Source: Jennifer Jessup

Ellie was terrified in the shelter; it was loud and scary and she had just been left by the only family she had ever known. Ellie’s only sense of comfort was with her stuffed teddy bear, the only thing her family had left behind with her.

Source: Jennifer Jessup

She snuggled up with the bear all day. “She was so scared, and she was just clinging to it,” Jennifer told The Dodo. “It was the only thing she had.”

Source: Jennifer Jessup

Ellie’s Light at the End of the Tunnel

Thankfully, Jennifer Jessup’s brother was looking to adopt a Blue Lacy dog. Jennifer searched online and spotted Ellie with the help of TAGG rescue in Dallas.

Source: Jennifer Jessup

Jennifer quickly arranged for Ellie’s rescue. Jennifer’s friend in Texas went to the shelter to pick Ellie and her teddy bear up. Ellie was taken to a local boarding facility where she was bathed and spent the night.

Source: Jennifer Jessup

The next day, she went to her foster home where she would remain until her big trip from Texas to Florida, her new home.

Even at the foster home, Ellie was scared. She continued to cling to her teddy bear.

Source: Jennifer Jessup

Finally, Ellie – with her teddy bear in tow – was off to Florida via TWD Transport, a company that moves rescue dogs around the country.

Source: Jennifer Jessup

By the time Ellie arrived in Florida and in Jennifer’s brother’s care, she was exhausted.

At the time of Ellie’s arrival, Jennifer explained to The Dodo, “She’s very timid and the trip was a difficult one, so it will take a while for her to come out of her shell.”

Jennifer was right. Ellie remained very scared for some time. Slowly but surely, as dogs usually do, she warmed up to her new forever home. Jennifer’s brother made the transition easy for Ellie, providing ample quiet time and space but also, loads of affection.

There’s nothing as rewarding as adopting a dog who has had a rough start. Be sure to share with friends and family to show them how great adoption can be!

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