Breed Bans Nearly Take Happy Dog from New Home

By: Nathan Grant

Diggy the dog was a rescue from Detroit Dog Rescue that went viral for his adorable adoption photo.

His new owner, Dan Tillery, adopted him in June. Unfortunately, not much later, there was a legal dispute over Diggy’s ability to stay with Dan.

Dan Tillery’s place of residence, in Waterford Township, has specific regulations regarding breed. The town prohibits pit bulls from being in the area. As soon as the police saw the image that had gone viral, they realized Diggy’s breed and forced him out of the town!

Tillery could not let this happen, and headed to the Detroit Dog Rescue to come up with a way to keep Diggy. The rescue team, as well as a veterinarian, determined that Diggy was an American bulldog – meaning, Diggy could stay in town!

Once this new information was brought to the local court, the case was dropped, and Diggy was back in Dan’s life forever.

Dan is so glad he is able to give Diggy a safe and loving home. Diggy’s life will be filled with joy!

Diggy’s rescue story ends positively, and it shows a hopeful outlook for other dogs. Bans on dog breeds are starting to vanish nationwide, and hopefully will be gone forever one day soon.

Image Credit: ABC News

(h/t The Dodo)

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