Stray Dog Finds Loving Family After Unusual Life

By: Nathan Grant

In Bakersfield, CA, No Kill Kern is working to do all they can to help dogs.

Because of their no-kill policy, many people call No Kill Kern to help with strays. One of the calls that came through was about Queen.

For rescuers, it can be a challenge to gain the trust of stray dogs. To help this process, No Kill Kern has a mascot – Lucy.

Lucy is a pit bull that helps human rescuers by tagging along on rescues. She is the ultimate tool for gaining the trust of nervous dogs. She is a hero for humans and a hero for her breed!

When the call came into No Kill Kern regarding a stray German Shepherd, rescuers set out with Lucy to help.

Lucy tried to say hello to the German Shepherd, Queen, but it still was not enough. The rescuers needed to come up with a trap.

Once rescuers came back the next day, Queen was sitting in the trap. She was very frail and helpless.Rescuers placed a leash on her and brought her to the vehicle.

Check out the video of her rescue:

While this rescue was huge for Queen, it was only the beginning for her new life.

A foster family took care of her while Queen awaited adoption. While she was a bit shy to begin with, Queen began to feel more comfortable. She even started playing with other dogs, including Lucy!

While a hip problem almost stopped Queen from being able to keep up with the other dogs, No Kill Kern fixed the problem right away. Now she is unstoppable!

Finding a permanent home for Queen did not seem in the cards, so she spent a great deal of time in foster care. Then, something unexpected came about that changed her life forever.

Queen was a perfect candidate for Marley’s Mutt’s Pawsitive Change Program – which allows inmates to be set up with dogs seeking Canine Good Citizenship Certification. Queen, renamed Reina, changed the life of an inmate forever.

Image Credit: No Kill Kern

After succeeding in her training and certification, Reina finally found a forever home. She now lives a happy life with a loving family.

Image Credit: No Kill Kern

Source: iHeartDogs

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