Girl Asks Professor If She Can Bring Her Dog To Class And His Response Is Awesome!

By: Nathan Grant

While Hurricane Irma was fast approaching, Jessica Lewis wanted to evacuate her college town with her dog Luna.

The pair would head to Atlanta, where Lewis’s family resides. Unfortunately, before they could leave, Lewis needed to attend one more class.

To avoid wasting time, Lewis thought she would try to bring Luna to her final class. This would allow her to leave right after! There was just one thing she had to do first…

Ask her professor.

Image Credit: Jessica Lewis

Lewis was uncertain how her professor would react. To explain well, Lewis wrote an in-depth email.

She even included images of Luna to sway him!

Image Credit: Jessica Lewis

Lewis waited nervously to hear back from her professor, when finally…he answered.

Image Credit: Jessica Lewis

Lewis was taken aback that it was no issue at all.

“Did you think calling me ‘cool’ would get me to say yes,” Lewis’ professor wrote. “Because it won’t work. What will work is that she’s obviously a good girl so of course you can bring her.”

Lewis’s professor turned out to be a dog lover (who isn’t?), so he did not mind having a dog in the classroom at all! The entire class was thrilled to see a cute furry friend in their final class.

Image Credit: Jessica Lewis

As for Luna? She was an attentive student for the entire hour and fifteen minutes.

“She was pretty well-behaved in class,” Lewis explained. “She went straight to whoever was talking for the most part, like if someone was answering or asking a question. Just walked around and got pets from everyone and made friends. The really funny part was that every time the professor stopped and asked if anyone had questions or comments, she whined loudly like she was responding. It was hilarious.”

Image Credit: Jessica Lewis

Admittedly, Luna was a bit distracting during class – but in the best way possible.

Image Credit: Jessica Lewis

Everyone enjoyed having Luna around, especially the professor.

“He loved having her and had no complaints at all,” Lewis said. “He was wonderful about it; he just laughed with us whenever she did something funny.”

Luna loved being in class just as much as she was loved for being there. Once class was over, she was a little disappointed!

Image Credit: Jessica Lewis

Then, it was off to see their family and stay safe from the storm!

Image Credit: Jessica Lewis

Source: The Dodo

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