Dog Sees Best Friend Drowning In Swimming Pool And Jumps In To Help

By: Nathan Grant

In a jaw-dropping viral video, a dog saves his canine brother from drowning in the family pool after he accidentally fell in.

Smokey and Remus are two dogs that live with their human parents, Laurie and Jay Becerra. One day, the unthinkable happened when Smokey accidentally slipped and fell into the family’s backyard pool. But Remus acted quickly to lend a paw.

The Becerra’s have a camera outside of their home that records 24/7 so the entire heart-pounding rescue was recorded. As you can see in the below video, Smokey clearly struggles and is close to drowning when Remus springs into action. His first couple of attempts were unsuccessful, but Remus didn’t give up. Amazingly, Remus jumped in and used his body to push Smokey back onto land.

Video Source: Laurie Sorsen Becerra Facebook

Thankfully, neither dog was harmed. “Jay saw Smokey all wet and wanted to see what happened. They were horsing around and he just fell in,” Laurie told ABC KSAT. Well done, Remus!

As the weather warms up across the U.S., Smokey and Remus’s incident is an important reminder of summer pet safety. Please never leave dogs unattended when they are outside, especially when they are near a pool or another body of water. As dog guardians, it’s up to us to make sure our canine friends enjoy the summer without getting into harm’s way! If you are as impressed as we are at Remus’s quick thinking to save his brother Smokey, be sure to SHARE this article with your friends and family!

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