Aggressive Rescue Dog Saved By A “Dog Listener”

By: Nathan Grant

This rescue dog was found in an open prison in Johannesburg South Africa. He was labeled as too aggressive and was scheduled to be put to sleep…

But a young woman was determined to keep this dog alive. The SPCA allowed the young woman to work with the dog to see if there was any way he could be rehabilitated.

She named him Cerberus and spent days outside of his cage before entering. She listened carefully and did not speak a word. Because the dog perceived humans as a threat, she remained calm and just continued to listen as to communicate silently with the dog.

She waited patiently until the dog was ready to trust a human for the first time.

It was a race against the clock.

She had to convince the dog to trust her and build a bond with him before he would be put to sleep.

The video below documents the whole journey toward a new life. Although this video was posted in 2009, it reminds us of the power of listening. Animals communicate differently and all too often humans don’t take the time to understand them.
Knowing the dog perceived even the simplest hand gestures as a threat, as a weapon, she had to be extremely careful and patient to not anger the dog.

After 6 long days, she finally had the courage to enter his cage and call him to her side.

What preceded after will amaze you…

Thank you for giving this dog a second chance. The SPCA was absolutely amazed by what happened in the weeks that followed. Not only was she able to get the dog to trust her, she was now his leader and no further aggressive instances occurred.

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