These 9 Puppies Were Left In A Bush Because A Man Couldn’t Sell Them

By: Nathan Grant

These 9 puppies had a horrible start to life.

The RSPCA received an anonymous tip that a man was selling sick puppies out of his van. Mel Fisher, an inspector with the RSPCA went out to investigate the area where the van was last seen.

Source: RSPCA

A Horrible Discovery

She found the van, deserted; but worst of all, she found the puppies in a bin in a bush nearby. She counted 9 very scared puppies, all different breeds and ages.

Source: RSPCA

β€œIt was during a hot spell so they were panting and really quiet because they were in such baking heat,” Fisher said in a press release.

The puppies barely moved because it was so hot. She knew right away that these pups would need medical attention immediately. She gathered them up and took them to a nearby vet.

Source: RSPCA

When Fisher brought them into the vet, the puppies were so lethargic. Upon seeing the puppies, the vet staff was very concerned; they did not think they would make it.

Source: RSPCA

A Wonderful Turn of Events

Thankfully, all of the puppies pulled through! Slowly but surely, over the course of a few weeks, they began to act more puppy-like.

β€œ[When we rescued them] they were so un-puppy like, they were very quiet and very thirsty, and to see them now acting like proper puppies causing chaos is just lovely because they are little personalities again, which is brilliant,” Fisher said.

Source: RSPCA

The pups were named Agnes, Barbara, Cheryl, Davina, Denise, Jerry, Jim, Joey, and Norman. Named and with clean bills of health, the puppies were ready to be adopted.

As expected, it didn’t take long for them to be adopted out. They all now live happy lives with their forever home.

Source: RSPCA

Puppy Jim’s new mom, Gloria Westbrook said in a press release, β€œHe brings a lot of fun and love to our home β€” and exercise. And he enriches our lives with laughter. He really is just a great big, bouncy teddy bear.”

To celebrate their wonderful turn of events, the RSPCA is hosting an event where the puppies and rescuers will all be reunited.

We’re so glad that this story had such a happy ending! Share and donate to the RSPCA here.

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