Nobody Wanted This Cross-Eyed Dog…Until An Angel Adopted Him

By: Nathan Grant

Meet Dennis…a lovable dog who has a slight problem with his eyes. For a long time this little guy couldn’t get adopted because no one was interested in a cross-eyed dog. But then his guardian angelĀ came along and adopted him!

Now his family is celebrating a 1 year anniversary of living together! Dennis is one of the lucky pups to have ended up at the Dogs Trust in Kenilworth, UK. After many passed up on his looks, Liz Parkes locked eyes with him and decided he was the one. “He seemed like a real character when we first met him at Dogs Trust and he has certainly lived up to this,” she told Metro. “Dennis has settled in really well and we absolutely adore him , he is the best friends with our dog Milo and definitely one of the family – we already can’t imagine life without him.”

Dennis has a condition called strabismus, which makes him cross-eyed, but effects his vision very little. And in our opinion, his looks just make him that more adorable and loveable! Liz agrees “Some people will overlook any dogs that have a slight health problem or appear different, and even with his striking good looks and fuin personality Dennis was often bassed by so we are delighted that has finally found such a fantastic home,’ Dogs Trusts; Helene Barlow said.

We’re so happy to see him looking cross-eyed and adorable at his anniversary cake – surrounded by a loving and supportive family!

Share your thoughts about this story! Would you adopt Dennis if you saw him?

(h/tĀ Dogs Trust)

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