Grumpy Looking Pug Finds Loving Family and Shows So Much Joy!

By: Nathan Grant

Cornelius the pug was the runt of the litter. He was rather weak because of this and had very pale colored fur.

Over and over again, Cornelius was not chosen for a home because people believed something was wrong with Cornelius.

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The problem he has is, simply put, the doggie equivalent to albinism.  The condition is called leucism. This was the reason for his pale fur color.

People would often assume something was wrong with Cornelius because of his face… but as it turns out…

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He just has a grumpy face!

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Fortunately, Toni Cusson was able to see beyond that grumpy expression.

Her boyfriend sent her a photo of Cornelius, and she knew she had to have him. From the moment they adopted him, he has been catching everyone’s attention!

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Cornelius has an Instagram account full of his grumpy face! His owners have been running the page for around three years now, and the account is shared with their other dog, Bowie.

Bowie and Cornelius are best friends. Without Bowie, Cornelius would be lost. The two dogs make quite a pair!

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Cornelius and Bowie’s Instagram account has over 2,000 followers now.

Pretty funny, considering Cornelius sure doesn’t seem too excited in most pictures.

Birthday parties do not amuse him.

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Picnic? Eh. Not great.

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Winter is a bit upsetting.

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Going for a swim isn’t too pleasing.

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Go to sleep?

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Ugh, fine I’ll go to sleep.

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There are those moments of excitement that sneak out, and when they do, it is absolutely adorable!

Image Credit: Instagram

Cornelius reminds us that there is always joy hidden beneath even the angriest of faces.

Image Credit: Charlotte Hayward/Saucy Dog Photography

Want to see more of Cornelius and Bowie?  Check out the Instagram account and the Facebook!

(h/t The Dodo)

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