Boy Stealing Hugs from Neighbor’s Dog Finally Gets Dog of His Own

By: Nathan Grant

Josh Breaux went viral when a neighbor posted a video of him sneaking into her garage – to pet her dog, Dutchess! Josh had recently lost his own dog, and wanted to have a furry friend once again. He had been very broken up about the loss of his dog, and cuddling with Dutchess helped to bring him joy.

Josh’s mom, Ginger, was not prepared to take on the responsibilities of another dog just yet. The dog they had, Bella, had been part of the family since Josh was 2 years old. As time went on, the family grew busy, and a new dog would be too much at once.

All of those who saw the video of Josh and Dutchess hoped to see Josh get a new dog of his own. In fact, people from all across the globe asked Ginger to let Josh have his own dog.

Ginger had been waiting for the perfect moment to have the time necessary to properly care for a new dog. She finally felt prepared, with a delicate push of course, to adopt a dog. The family adopted a 3-month-old black Lab named Drake.

ABC News

Ginger had every intention of allowing Josh to get a new dog, however she wanted to bring this on at an ideal time for all parties involved.

Josh and Dutchess still see each other here and there, as do his mom and sister. They are truly a family of dog lovers!

Video Credit: ABC News

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