Tired Dog Comes Over for a Nap Every Day

By: Nathan Grant

Image Credit: Golden Woof

An older dog headed into a woman’s yard. He seemed rather tired, but he was kind and healthy.

Image Credit: Little Things

It was clear to the woman that this dog was from a loving home, and so she had the dog follow her into her home. Once inside, he curled up and took a little nap.

Image Credit: Little Things

When the dog woke up, he headed out of the house. As soon as the next day came about, the dog was back at the house for his nap. All the woman could do was let him take his nap and give him a little pat on the head.

Image Credit: Little Things

Since this kept occurring for several weeks, the woman decided to take action to help find the dog’s owner. The woman attached a note to the dog’s collar in the hopes of finding out the dog’s story.

Image Credit: Little Things

When the dog returned again for his nap with a new note attached to the collar, she finally knew what was going on.

Apparently, the dog lived in a home with 6 children around two and three years old, and the naps he came to take were simply an attempt to catch up on lost sleep.

Image Credit: Little Things

This dog needed the same rest many parents need when they have young children. The dog was just looking for a little bit of a break when he found the woman’s house to take his naps.

Image Credit: Little Things

Many times we forget that our canine friends get tired in the same way we do. Kids can wear you out, and can wear out your dog too!

(h/t Little Things)

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