They Lost Their Dog 2 Years Ago, But Two Women And A Microchip Perform A Miracle

By: Nathan Grant

Bear the dog was their best friend. Two years ago they were driving in a car with Bear when suddenly they were in a car accident. Bear bolted across a major intersection into the woods after being startled by the event. Lucky he didn’t get hit by cars… 2016-01-12 11-31-17
Bear’s owner went looking for him for 12 hours and couldn’t find him. He was devastated. This was his best friend.

Then years later, two women spot him in a junkyard and begin feeding him for 13 months. They finally rescued him and upon finding a microchip in him, were able to locate the owners. 2016-01-12 11-32-01

Now watch the reunion below, it is a truly special moment between Bear and his family. My heart just melted because I know, much like you know, how special the bond and friendship is with our beloved furry children.

The bond of friendship that dogs bring is undeniable.

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