Firefighters Get Creative to Save Puppy Stuck in Sewer Hole

By: Nathan Grant

“We couldn’t stick anything down there to try and retrieve the puppy because she kept moving.”

Charlotte Fire Department of North Carolina was recently left stumped when they were alerted to a puppy stuck in a sewer hole. But the team brainstormed and came up with an ingenious idea to save the weeks-old puppy.

During a walk with their newly adopted puppy, the Evans family suddenly couldn’t find the little one. The family walked towards the area where MJ was standing and heartbreakingly heard whimpers from an unnoticed sewer drain, hidden by grass and missing its cap.

MJ had accidentally fell in and traveled away from her family by the waste in the long pipe. The Evans family immediately reported the puppy as missing and called the Charlotte Fire Department for help.

Source: Captain Jackie Gilmore

The rescue wasn’t as easy as reaching down in the pipe and picking up little MJ.

“They grabbed their shovels and started digging around the opening, hoping that it wasn’t that deep. “But as they were digging, the drain got deeper and deeper and deeper, and they determined that they needed additional manpower and heavy equipment,” Captain Jackie Gilmore, a public information officer with the Charlotte Fire Department shared with The Dodo.

Source: Captain Jackie Gilmore

The Charlotte Water Department was called to the scene to help with rescuing the puppy from the paved road. To make sure MJ was able to breathe during the rescue, the fire crew pumped oxygen into the pipe.

“We took the same safety precautions you would take when digging a trench or trying to rescue somebody who’s stuck in a hole,” Gilmore said.

Source: Captain Jackie Gilmore

The water team was able to put a camera down the hole, to try to figure out MJ’s location. Unfortunately, the camera spooked the puppy and she went further into the pipe.

“We’re sticking a camera down there, and MJ doesn’t know what it is and she’s frightened, so she backs up and moves away,” Gilmore said. “We couldn’t stick anything down there to try and retrieve the puppy because she kept moving.”

Source: Captain Jackie Gilmore

Stumped as to how they were going to rescue the tiny pup, the rescue team dug an 8-foot trench in the center of the street. Once the team reached the pipe, it was important to be careful as to not scare MJ even further.

Despite the odds, the team refused to give up.

“We had a goal. We knew we were going to get MJ out, we just had to figure out how we were going to do it.” But we were going to get her out no matter what,” Gilmore said.

Source: Captain Jackie Gilmore

Over four hours into the rescue operation, a member of the team was able to grab ahold of MJ and pulled her aboveground to cheers and applause.

Among the most excited were the Evans family. “It was a joyous moment when we were able to grab the pup. There was a lot of jubilation — everybody was clapping and high-fiving. And the parents were so grateful toward the rescuers that they started hugging everybody,” Gilmore shared.

Source: Captain Jackie Gilmore

MJ was rushed to the vet and the little one came out from the scary situation unscathed! If you love this endearing rescue story as much as we do, be sure to share this article within your network to spread the love.

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