This Is What Happens When You Have A Dog In Your Wedding

By: Nathan Grant

Once you have a dog in your life, there is no going back – you never want to go a day without your furry friend!

Mitali Salvi, a professional dog trainer, tied the knot with Ali Shakeer. As the two are both dog lovers, there had to be some way to incorporate dogs in their wedding.

But how?

Pantu, their favorite pup, was the best man in their Goa wedding. He was carefully trained to be the best ring bearer.

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“I am very attached to dogs. Even when I am training, all of them are addressed as my students. I had planned this idea over a year and a half ago because that’s when we decided to get married,” said Mitali.

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Mitali got creative and made a ‘Save the Date’ video – with lots of dogs! The video spread quickly – and you can see why.

Pictures from the wedding show Pantu’s very important role. It is sure to put a smile on your face!

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Pantu is so charming!

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There isn’t a moment he would miss with the bride to be!

Can you believe how adorable he is?

Check out the beautiful bride and groom!

There’s not a moment Pantu is left out!

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The big day wore down Pantu! Time to head home and rest.

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Their wedding video is the icing on the cake! Wedding Nama uploaded the video, and Mitali and Ali are spreading this cuteness around to celebrate their love and new marriage!

Sources: Story Pick and Wedding Sutra

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