Man Finds Three Puppies on the Side of the Highway

By: Nathan Grant

When Andrei Matei was driving from his girlfriend's home, he noticed something on the highway.

Matei slowed down and when he went to pass by, he noticed what that something really was.


Image Credit: Andrei Matei

“I immediately braked and stopped the car, and started going backward,” Matei explained to The Dodo. “I went out of the car and there were three puppies, jumping on my leg and very happy. They did not have any idea that they were one inch close to death.”

Image Credit: Andrei Matei

Matei was uncertain what to do at first, but since the puppies were so sweet, he knew he could not leave them alone. He gathered the puppies into his car and headed home – a three-hour drive.

Image Credit: Andrei Matei

During his ride, Matei put photos of the puppies on Facebook and contacted his neighbor – an experienced rescuer.

Matei’s neighbor met him at local vet office to help get the puppies cleaned and examined.

After getting a checkup, the dogs were determined to be about 4-5 weeks old! The three puppies had fleas but had no other notable issues. Someone just dumped the puppies on the side of the highway.

Image Credit: Andrei Matei

The challenges faced by these puppies did not break their spirits. No matter who they met, they were friendly and excited.

Matei left the puppies with the experienced rescuer, who agreed to take and rehome the dogs. Matei had to say goodbye and hoped for the best.

Image Credit: Andrei Matei

“I left after with her promise that all the pups will be fine and that she will take care finding them new homes,” Matei said. “I checked after one week on her Facebook page and all the pups were with their new families, safe and happy.”

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