Dogs From Troubled Pasts Help Each Other Grow Stronger

By: Nathan Grant

Two dogs came to know each other at the perfect time. Though the friendship was brief, it was exactly what both dogs needed.

Image and Credit: A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue

Though Kingston and Lola were only in foster care together for four weeks, they made the most of their time together. Both dogs came from troubled pasts – Kingston was tethered to a heavy chain until he was rescued at 4-years-old.

“They play, they cuddle, they’re just a good team,” Susan Robelli, the dogs’ foster mom, and a volunteer with A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue, told The Dodo.

A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue is known for going around Flint and checking on those with dogs chained up in their yards. To work towards healthier care, the organization tells the owners about proper treatment and tries to help get the dog brought into the home.

Image and Credit: A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue

Kingston, despite spending early life chained up, was found on the streets by the rescue.

“[Rescuers] were out doing their thing, and saw Kingston running down the road with a padlock chain around his neck attached to a tire,” Robelli said. “They stopped him, and took him right to the vet. He had cuts all over his neck and face.”

While Kingston was brought into foster care, Robelli brought in Lola. Lola had spend her life at a puppy mill, leaving her to live most of her life in a crate.

“She was 8 weeks old when he got her, and he could never take enough time to take care of her and train her, so he kept her in a crate,” Robelli said.

“Then his work hours changed, and he started keeping her in this crate 24/7. She was pooping in her crate, she was eating in her crate — everything. She had sores on her legs for the crate being too small, and she had no socialization.”

Image and Credit: A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue

Lola’s time in the crate made her difficult to calm down. Often, stress made her very hyper and high-strung.

Fortunately, Kingston changed things for Lola. When the pair first met on Valentine’s Day, they were helping a man propose to his girlfriend. Kingston and Lola helped carry the phrase, “Will You Marry Me?”.

Image and Credit: A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue

“They met there, and Kingston fell in love with her and started kissing her,” Robelli said. “Lola’s just kind of a crazy girl, so it was pretty impressive to everybody that he could do that.”

Robelli decided to take in Kingston, once seeing the love between the dogs.

Image and Credit: A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue

Right away, the two recognized each other and grew very excited!

Image and Credit: A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue

“Kingston walked right up to Lola and kissed her!” Robelli said. “Lola instantly wanted to play, but we were in closed quarters so they just smelled each other and hung out.”

Image and Credit: A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue

From that moment on, Lola and Kingston were inseparable. There was nothing the two would not do together.

Image and Credit: A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue

The bond between the two dogs did more than just pass the time. The time spent together helped both Lola and Kingston with issues caused by their troubled pasts.

Image and Credit: A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue

“Kingston didn’t have the inside skills, because he was a street dog, so he didn’t know how to behave in a house,” Robelli said. “Then here comes Lola who isn’t afraid of anything, so she kind of guides him, and he’s confident to try things because of her.”

Image and Credit: A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue

All the same, Kingston helped Lola to feel comfortable with new things. When she was nervous, she no longer got as hyperactive and distressed.

“…it’s been a really nice fit for them. It’s really great to see.”

Image and Credit: A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue

While Robelli hoped to see both dogs get adopted together, Kingston was adopted by a family first.

Kingston was very excited by the family, even jumping up to the kids right away. The family was clearly a perfect fit.

“They have another dog and a huge backyard,” she added. “They had a child that he really bonded with, and I couldn’t turn it away. They’re perfect.”

Now it is Lola’s turn to find a forever home. Because of the progress she made with Kingston, it is likely she will be adopted soon. She is less hyper and more prepared for family life.

Image and Credit: A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue

“I have been with dogs my whole life, and I have never had a dog this eager to learn and this smart,” Robelli said. “For instance, Lola learned that she likes ice cubes, and now every time she walks by the refrigerator, she has to do a quick look to see if there’s any ice there. She notices everything and she’s funny.”

Image and Credit: A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue

Robelli thinks Lola would be a great match for an active family with other dogs. If you think you would be a great fit for Lola, or if you know someone that would be, be sure to contact A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue.

Source: The Dodo 

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