Pig Runs from Danger, and Finds The Only Person Who Can Save Him…

By: Nathan Grant


Rob Boisvert had rescued a piglet only a month before – by running across highway traffic to rescue a piglet that had fallen from a slaughterhouse truck!  Somehow, it seemed this pig running towards him knew he was a pig-lover.

Boisvert was relieving himself in the woods when he noticed the pig running his way.  The pig had run from across the road and into the edge of the forest.

So of course, Boisvert and his friends, who he had been visiting, placed the pig in the back of a van to get her to safety.  The pig laid down, completely exhausted!

Boisvert is unsure what she was running from, but judging by how worn out she had become, he assumed it must have been something terrifying her.

The crew rode in the car for three hours – to the sanctuary in Alexandria, Ontario.  The pig became very thankful when she awoke from her rest.

After their adventure, the pig had been given a name – Tilly.  Now she had a new life ahead of her.  One much more pleasant.

While Tilly is in quarantine for now to check her health, she will soon join the other big rescued by Boisvert (her name is Gracie).

Tilly will live the rest of her life enjoying her time at the sanctuary.

Boisvert said that Tilly had a blast while in the van, and because of this, he has quite a bit of cleaning up to do!

Luckily, Tilly knew that the tattooed man in a Cannibal Corpse t-shirt was a good man.  The heart’s kindness shines brighter than outer appearance!

(h/t The Dodo)

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