Injured Cyclist Visited by Unexpected Rescuer in the Mountains of Romania

By: Nathan Grant

A Simple Stray Turned Hero

Like most stray animals, one Romanian pup went unseen and unloved by the world until a recent accident turned him from lost canine to helpful companion.

Stranded in the Mountains

Last week, a cyclist was biking through the mountains of western Romania when a crash interrupted his plans and resulted in a broken collarbone. He was unable to continue his ride and remained stuck on the trail as the chilly night air closed in around him. Luckily, he didn’t remain alone for long!

A Surprise for First Responders

Rescuers from the county of Caras Severin quickly realized that they weren’t the only ones rushing to aid the cyclist.

Source: Jandarmeria Caras Severin

“When the cyclist fell and remained laying on the road, a dog came from the woods and laid beside the victim as to warm him with its body,” one official reported to Romanian Insider.

“When we arrived, the dog didn’t leave his side and remained there until the ambulance arrived,” the official said.

Source: Jandarmeria Caras Severin

Although it’s not known whether the stray pup had always claimed the mountainside as home, or if his owners had recently abandoned him there, his compassion in a time of need demonstrated a significant lesson in humanity.

Two Rescues in One

Although it was the cyclist who had the physical immediate need, he wasn’t the only one to receive a saving grace as a result of the accident. As reported by The Dodo, first responders named the dog “Savior Dog” and provided him with a home in a temporary shelter. Word of his canine heroism quickly spread online, and within days, a family adopted him as one of their own.

Source: Jandarmeria Caras Severin

Kindness Rewarded

Officials cleverly pointed out the sweet irony in a seemingly unseen and unloved animal providing companionship to a helpless human.

“Man’s best friend gives a lesson on ‘humanity,’” they shared with Romanian Insider.

Source: Jandarmeria Caras Severin

A forever home and a lifetime of love – what a perfect reward for a well-deserving hero!

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