Mama Dog Finds New Puppies To Love After Losing Her Own

By: Nathan Grant

Left hungry and alone - abandoned by their mother in a Romanian field - rescue teams had a small window to react to save these less-than-day-old puppies...

In the southeast of Europe lies Romania, the home of Barking Mad Dog Rescue. Their shelters, located in Constanta and Calarasi, feed around 700 dogs each day. Last month, they got word of a litter of puppies abandoned in a field by their mother.

Source: Barking Mad Dog Rescue

The puppies were too young to be away from their mother, but she was nowhere to be found!

So rescuers scooped them up into a shoebox to get them back to the shelter.

Source: Barking Mad Dog Rescue

Shelter volunteers began to feed the puppies through the night by bottle to keep them alive and well, realizing they needed round-the-clock care if they were going to survive.

Source: Barking Mad Dog Rescue

Who Will Be Their New Mama?

The team knew the puppies needed a mother.

Then suddenly someone remembered they had just rescued a mama dog off the streets.

Already at the shelter, a mama dog found on the streets had just given birth to puppies of her own. Sadly, while wandering the streets, she had lost her own litter. She was sad and devastated by the loss.

Hilary Anderson, cofounder of Barking Mad Dog Rescue, reported to The Dodo, “She was walking around with food in her mouth looking for them to feed them. So Sad.” Depressed and brokenhearted, the mama dog longed to care for her little babies.

Mama Was Sad Until She Met Her New Litter Of Puppies!

The tiny puppies truly needed a mama to survive, and the rescued mama needed puppies to care for.

Source: Barking Mad Dog Rescue

What if these puppies and this mama could form their own new family?

The staff brought the mama dog and the lost puppies together and the mama dog immediately sensed how much these puppies were in need. Her maternal instincts kicked in and the mama dog began providing the little pups with the care they desperately needed.

Source: Barking Mad Dog Rescue

According to Anderson, the puppies began to feed from the mama dog as soon as they were close enough – “no niceties or intros needed.”

Stories Like This Are Why Rescue Shelters Are So Important!

Thanks to the actions taken by Barking Mad Dog Rescue, these abandoned and defenseless puppies have been united with a new mother to give them the love and care they so desperately need. As an added bonus, they even managed to give a lonely mama dog a new purpose in life and a second chance at raising a litter.

Sadly, many puppies are abandoned and left without proper care all the time. Shelters do their best to rehabilitate and care for these animals, which keeps them from roaming the streets hungry and safe from the abuse of other animals or humans

If you or someone you know have animals you cannot care for or regular strays, contacting your local animal shelter can help these animals find forever families in good homes. In addition, it prevents strays from reproducing, which would increase the number of animals that are not cared for, so please reach out if you’re saddened to see animals without homes!

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