Unjustly Mistreated Dog Finally Gets a Loving Home, After 10 Days Chained To This Trailer

By: Nathan Grant

Two years back, a man chained his dog, Duke, to an old trailer in an area surrounding a Bulgarian village.  The dog’s owner claimed that the dog had a contagious disease and could not be approached.

Duke's owners said that the 10-month-old puppy had a contagious disease and chained him to a trailer.

Duke was left untouched and alone for ten days straight.

And he was left all alone for 10 days.

Fortunately for Duke, a kind woman nearby saw the poor dog suffering and called the Rudozem Street Dog Rescue.

That's when a woman in the village saw the dog suffering. So she called Rudozem Street Dog Rescue.

The dog rescue’s co-founder, Tony Rowles, came to help the dog. The poor thing was covered in flies and feces! Duke kissed Tony and was very open to help.

The organization's cofounder, Tony Rowles, showed up to find the scared dog covered in flies and his own feces. But Duke kissed the first hand that reached out to him.

While there was no room in the shelter, Tony brought Duke to his own home to spend time with his family, dogs, and cats.

Their shelter was full, so Tony took Duke home to stay with his other dogs and cats.

Duke never had any illness at all, let alone a contagious one.  Now Duke’s only trouble was a fear of men – and understandably so!  Duke connected with Tony’s wife right away.

It turns out Duke had no sickness but now just a fear of men. He bonded with Tony's wife immediately.

When Duke was getting a checkup, it turned out he had two broken legs. It was clear his owner had physically harmed him.

The next thing they looked at were Duke's broken legs.

Duke’s feet shattered, his legs had bent, and his ligaments were gone.  Poor Duke must have been in great pain.

It became apparent that someone inflicted this upon Duke. His legs were bent, feet shattered and the ligaments were gone.

As though not bad enough, Duke had a cough caused from the chain that had been on his neck.  He was also malnourished.  No care had been taken of Duke.

Duke was also extremely malnourished and had a cough as the result of the heavy chain that was tied around his neck.

With the help of the dog rescue, Duke was able to get surgeries to heal his health troubles.  Duke could finally be adopted and brought to a loving home!

A few surgeries, food and love did the trick! Duke was then healthy enough to go up for adoption.

A woman in England adopted Duke and welcomed this once “contagious” dog with open arms.  Now after living with her for two years, his life is wonderful!  Duke has finally gotten to experience true love.

It was a woman in England who would give Duke a forever home. Two years later, the 'untouchable' dog is living a normal, amazing life!

(h/t The Dodo)

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