New Giant Shoe Beds Are Perfect For Dogs Who Love Chewing On Your Favorite Pair Of Slippers

By: Nathan Grant

For dog lovers who have dogs that love to chew their favorite shoe collections, this dog bed is for you!

Many dog owners become quite frustrated when they see their adorable Fido eating up their favorite pair of house slippers.

But that won’t last long when you discover one of these adorable new dog beds on the market today. Your dog can now lounge and sleep in a giant slipper instead of tearing yours apart. It doesn’t mean that they will leave all of your shoes alone, but it could help! Plus, isn’t this just adorable?

Giant Shoe Beds
Source: Amazon

These new dog beds are giant slippers for your dog to sleep in. That’s right! They look like a giant Croc and your dog will love slumbering in one of these! Sasquatch Pet Beds knows the pain and frustration of having to throw away perfectly good slippers just because your dog wanted to chew on them.

The slippers come with fleece lining that can be removed easily and is odor resistant which makes for really easy clean up.

It comes in colors such as yellow, pink, and beige and is available here on Amazon.

The price on these slippers is fairly reasonable and makes a great new Christmas present for you and Fido!

Giant Shoe Beds
Source: Amazon

These beds can be used for cats too! These slippers are made for almost any size dog, but your St. Bernard may be a little uncomfortable if he tries to fit. Your pug and french bulldog will love them though!

The reviews have been great for these new dog beds and many owners now feel that they are also a great conversation starter.

Hopefully, your dog will love this bed so much that they completely forget about the real slipper they were chewing on.

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Giant Shoe Beds
Source: Amazon


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