Movie Actors in New Dog Film Love Playing With Their Dog Co-stars

By: Nathan Grant

Dogs make the work day more joyful. Imagine the excitement you feel from a quick visit from a furry friend every once in a while. Now imagine how it would be if you had a dog with you at work *every day*!

“A Dog’s Purpose” is a film coming to theaters in January. The movie is about life from the perspective of a dog. It shows the people that come in and out of the dog’s life. The actors and actresses in the movie are incredibly talented…especially the dogs!

The entire cast has been spoiled with the love and support of their dog costars. The dogs are always hanging around and being friendly.

Bryce Gheisar, the actor playing Ethan—a young boy that grows up with his dog—explained how he became close friends with a dog on set.

“Trip plays Bailey in the movie,” Gheiser said. “We just became friends like that.”

All of the dogs in the film are loving and kind. Every cast member enjoys the friendliness and intelligence of their furry costars. The dogs bring smiles to everyone’s faces left and right!

KJ Apa, the actor playing the older Ethan in the film, said about one of the pup film stars, “As soon as I met him I was so impressed. He’s so talented.”

Most of the actors in “A Dog’s Purpose” spent their lives around dogs. Being on set reminds the actors of the love and appreciation they feel for their pets at home.

“I can’t remember not having a dog, really,” said Dennis Quaid.

Check out this video about “A Dog’s Purpose”. The movie comes out on January 27, and is definitely going to be worth going to see.

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