Funeral Home Lets Loyal Dog Say Goodbye to Guardian One Last Time

By: Nathan Grant

For one funeral home, they recently met a faithful dog who proves humans aren’t the only ones who grieve.

After 13 years of companionship, Sadie’s human best friend passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Jeremy May, President of the Elements Cremation, Pre-Planning and Burial in British Columbia, Canada kindly let Sadie say goodbye one last time at her guardians funeral.

For 13 years, Sadie had been at the side of her guardian. She was at their side when they suddenly passed away from a heart attack, leaving Sadie understandably heartbroken. “After the paramedics came and couldn’t revive him, Sadie laid beside him and repeated put her head on and under his hand,” May told The Dodo.

During the ten days of planning the funeral, Sadie was inconsolable. “During that time Sadie would not eat, would not sleep by herself and spent days waiting by the window and door waiting for his return,” May shared with the Dodo.

Thanks to the kindness of the funeral home, Sadie was able to say goodbye.

Image credit: Elements Cremation, Pre-planning & Burial/Facebook

In the heartbreaking scene, the deceased widow brought Sadie to the funeral service. May saw how upset Sadie was and knew then he would treat the dog just like any other family member.

Image credit: Elements Cremation, Pre-planning & Burial/Facebook

“The dog was as important as a spouse and child, so it was important that we allowed it to happen. As Sadie approached the casket you could both feel and hear the emotion in the room from the guests. Not a dry eye in the room. It was an emotional and hair-raising moment,” May told The Dodo.

Now having said a proper goodbye, when Sadie got home from the funeral service later that day, she ate two full meals. Finally, she found some peace with her guardian suddenly passing.

Even though there is no denying that dogs grieve, just like humans do, some funeral homes forbid animals from coming inside to say their final goodbyes. “If anybody ever doubts the level of understanding and emotional capacity our dogs have, this experience should lay that to rest. Our pets need closure as well. They feel loss and experience grief,” May shared with The Dodo.

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