Woman Rescues Puppies and Witnesses a Christmas Miracle

By: Nathan Grant

While people were enjoying their holiday breaks on December 23, Tessa Lee was hard at work at the Whitecourt Homeless Animal Rescue Foundation (WHARF).

“We were contacted about the five puppies in distress on a private property 45 minutes west of Edmonton. All five puppies [were] severely emaciated and dehydrated,” Tessa Lee told The Dodo.

Lee quickly made her way over and was granted access to the property near the Alberta Beach. She was only authorized to gather the five puppies, despite there being other animals seen on the property.

The five puppies were frozen, and very close to death in the cold. Lee drove the puppies to her home, but could not be certain they would survive.

Lee was quick on her feet, thinking carefully of all she could do to help the poor dogs.

Image Credit: Tessa Lee

“I assessed their hydration levels, and put them on heat packs while administering fluids subcutaneously,” Lee said. “We relied on maple syrup to boost glucose levels and slowly began administering recovery wet dog food every two hours via feeding syringes.”

Through her holiday, Lee brought the litter of puppies back to health as best she could. Fortunately, Lee’s family understood her caring for the dogs. They have come to expect spur of the moment rescues after seeing Lee and her friends help animals in need at the volunteer-run rescue.

“Our families have come to expect some special animal guests joining us for Christmas dinner, whether it is a litter of kittens, puppies or even a ‘bottle baby’ lamb,” Lee explained. “We find that this time of year many people are traveling to be with family and therefore more animals in distress are noticed and reported. Our phones are definitely never off during the Christmas season.”

Image Credit: Tessa Lee

As Christmas Eve came about, the bottle-feeding and warmth seemed to do justice for all of the puppies – except one. While her brothers and sisters were recovering, this little puppy was struggling to even hold herself up.

Because of her red fur, Lee called the puppy Ruby. For Ruby, the next day could be the difference between life and death.

She is holding on and beginning to perk up,” Lee posted on WHARF’s Facebook page December 24. “Keep her in your thoughts and we will update everyone on her after the holidays.”

With great luck, Christmas brought a miracle. Ruby made it through the night and was finally on her feet.

“Merry Christmas everyone!! We have movement,” Lee wrote on Facebook. “This puppy didn’t have the strength to lift her body up yesterday. She is drinking water and eating on her own now.”

Image Credit: Tessa Lee

Support came from all corners of the web after Lee’s post. People even offered to take Ruby in!

. “At this point, Ruby’s condition is touch and go, and she is under 24/7 monitoring with us,” Lee explained. “The other four seem to be holding fast, we will be keeping everyone updated on Ruby’s condition as time goes on.”

While helping these puppies has been no simple task, Lee is more than happy to do it.

“Special cases such as these just require a huge dedication of time and effort, whether that’s waking up every two hours to feed them or monitoring alertness throughout the night,” Lee added. “Every animal deserves to be cared for and over the last decade we have done everything in our power to provide that to every animal that comes through our rescue.”

Image Credit: Tessa Lee

If progress continues as it has, Ruby’s siblings should be ready for adoption by some time in February!

For those interested in adopting a pet, Lee has some careful words of advice.“We urge people that are considering bringing an animal into their families to ensure that they are able to afford to spay/neuter their animal so situations like this no longer happen.”

Source: The Dodo

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