Puppy Stolen from 9-Year-Old Boy’s Arms, Local Breeder Donates Dog to Help

By: Nathan Grant

Cayden Mccain is a nine year old boy that fell in love with his 10-week-old puppy, Roscoe. Out of nowhere, someone literally stole the pit bull puppy right from Cayden’s arms! The individuals that took Roscoe drove a black Chevy Impala that took off before Cayden’s dad was able to chase the car down. The suspect was reported to be a woman around age 30 with vibrantly red hair, no eyebrows, and crooked teeth. In the Impala with her were two men and a child.

Of course, Cayden’s family alerted the public through local news stations about the event, hoping desperately to find their new puppy, and also hoping to save another person from experiencing this puppy-napping. The unfortunate truth is that no matter how much awareness was raised, Cayden still did not have his beloved puppy.

There was instant reaction to this scenario, as it broke the hearts of many to see a sweet boy have a puppy ripped right from his arms. A local breeder decided to help fill the void in Cayden’s heart by giving the Mccain family a dog. The family was able to pick one of the puppies from the breeder’s litter of 13.

The dog selected by the family is named Cyrus. While he is loved, the family hopes that Cyrus will one day be able to meet Roscoe. The world is hoping to see this dog-stealer caught and punished for their horrible crimes.

KOAA.com | Continuous News | Colorado Springs and Pueblo

(h/t iHeartDogs and Kvor)

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