Beautiful Dog Abandoned in a NYC Subway Station – Helped by Kind Woman

By: Nathan Grant

An abandoned dog was strapped in a New York City subway station – tied to a rail. The poor dog was left there for well over an hour’s time.


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Many travelers passed the tied up dog, but most failed to realize the dog had been abandoned or simply did not care enough to help.

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Fortunately, one caring woman decided to stop by and give the poor dog a hand.

The woman’s name is Sarah Borok. She noticed the dog was tied to the rail, and sensed there was a problem. She quickly called animal control, and comforted the dog until help arrived.

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The poor pup is only about two years old, and is named Betsey. She unfortunately had been forced into breeding, and was abandoned due to her inability to do so anymore. Her owners had deemed her useless.

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The poor pup was believed to have been malnourished, and living in treacherous conditions. Her poor little feet were a mess and her body had been bloated.

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Sarah Borok worked tirelessly to try and get Betsey taken in with a foster family. She even went so far as to offer to help with the medical expenses involved and said she would bring the dog wherever she needed to be brought. So much kindness!

A rescue group was able to hop in and help Borok work to get Betsey the home she deserved.

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For now, Betsey is placed in a foster home, learning what it is like to truly be loved. She’s learning how to do basic tasks. She is loving her new life, and her personality is flourishing as she grows comfortable.

Borok still visits Betsey in her foster home.

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To give Betsey and other pups a home, check out!

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