Therapy Dog Brings New Toy to Bed Each Night

By: Nathan Grant

Dogs, much like kids, love their toys. Mojito, a three-year-old therapy dog, has a passion for her toys that is unmatched.

For the last 1.5 years, Mojito has been bringing a toy to bed with her every night. Each night, she carries a different toy up the stairs. Mojito is very specific!

“She does it when she has to go to bed early with me, almost like she needs a toy to keep her entertained,” her owner, Kim Downie, said. “She is very specific about what she chooses to take to bed. She will search the house and empty her toy boxes until she finds whatever one she is looking for.”

Every time they go to the store, Mojito selects a new toy. She also gets toys from BarkBox every month!

Mojito has just a few toys…

Image Credit: Kim Downie (mojito_rose)

Playtime never ends for Mojito – sometimes she even lets the cat in on the fun too.

Image Credit: Kim Downie (mojito_rose)

As soon as Mojito knows it is bedtime, she grabs one toy…

Image Credit: Kim Downie (mojito_rose)

….which she carefully selects from her box

Image Credit: Kim Downie (mojito_rose)

And is ready for bed!

Image Credit: Kim Downie (mojito_rose)

Every toy she owns has a chance to spend the night with her.

Image Credit: Kim Downie (mojito_rose)

Rather than bringing the toys back downstairs each day, she hoards the toys upstairs until she thinks it’s time to bring them down again.

Image Credit: Kim Downie (mojito_rose)

If you try to bring the toys downstairs too soon, she will bring them right back up!

Image Credit: Kim Downie (mojito_rose)

Her family has been taking pictures of Mojito’s toy carrying process, as it is absolutely adorable.

Image Credit: Kim Downie (mojito_rose)

To keep up with Mojito’s bedtime journey, follow her Instagram account. You can also see Mojito being cute wherever she roams.

(h/t The Dodo and Bored Panda)

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