Dogs In The Worst Place On Earth Get Overjoyed With A Huge Surprise

By: Nathan Grant

They instantly knew that their story was being rewritten.

Picture this: 202 dogs packed tightly in thin, wire cages. The scene sounds like the things nightmares are made of. Yet, unfortunately, this happened in real life.

Source: HSI

Just in the Nick of Time

202 terrified dogs were crammed into thin, wire cages without food or water. They were being transported to a meat market in southern China. Once at the meat market, they were to be sold and butchered for food.

Thankfully, just in the nick of time, someone came to their rescue! As the truck hauling the dogs passed through Hunan, China, some activists stepped in. The activists stopped the truck and notified local authorities. When the police arrived, they asked the truck driver to prove he owned the animals, but he could not.

Source: HSI

The dogs were taken off the truck and given to the rescuers. The rescuers began dispersing the dogs to local facilities – veterinarians, shelters, rescue groups, etc.

Among the helpful, local shelters was one operated by Humane Society International. “The moment the dog truck was forced to stop, the dogs seemed to know their plight was ending,” Peter J. Li, Ph.D., China policy specialist for HSI, told The Dodo.

Source: HSI

Unfortunately, many of the dogs were in poor health due to their previous horrible circumstances. They had broken bones, wounds, and diseases galore.

13 of the 202 dogs passed away from their poor health. Li explained to The Dodo, “They died due to weeks of abuse and food deprivation in the hands of the dog meat traders. Despite the care and loving, gentle treatment [they received] in the hands of the activists.”

Li mentioned the dogs’ temperament, “At the animal hospital, the 20 dogs in the HSI-funded facility were extremely cooperative with the vets.” They were incredibly sweet and loving toward all of their rescuers.

Source: HSI

The Harsh Truth

Li goes on to explain why these dogs are so sweet with people. Many of these dogs were pets before being captured for the meat industry.

Source: HSI

“In China’s rural areas, dog owners allow their dogs to roam in the neighborhood,” Li said. “These dogs have become the target of the dog thieves who use poison, sharp steel string and other brutal ways to steal them.”

Source: HSI

Unfortunately, the dog meat business is booming. According to HSI, China is responsible for killing more than 10 million dogs every year for consumption.

These dogs are lucky survivors and have been given a new lease on life. In order to help HSI save more dogs from this horrible fate, be sure to donate to their cause!

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