Toddler Gets Lost Searching for Dog in Freezing Cold, Found with Dog Protecting Her 

By: Nathan Grant

On a frigid February evening Victoria, a three year old, ventured into the woods in search of her dog. Victoria was under the impression that her dog, Blue, had gone missing and needed to be found. While it is unknown how, Victoria snuck out of her home and wandered through the area of Cordes Lakes, Arizona. She ventured through the cold, rural area completely alone. This toddler would stop at nothing to locate her dog.

Victoria’s family was panicked by Victoria’s disappearance. Nearly fifteen hours passed as an Arizona Search and Rescue team searched to find three year old Victoria. No one knew where she went, and fear was beginning to rise. Suddenly, one helicopter noticed Victoria on the ground in a dried out creek bed. Blue was right beside her, holding her closely.

Blue had stayed with Victoria and worked to keep her safe through dropping temperatures. As the temperature fell below freezing, Blue worked hard to hold her close and keep her body as warm as possible. Blue cared deeply about protecting the beloved child.

Medics arrived to help Victoria, but Blue was defensive of the strangers trying to get to his most cherished human. As soon as Victoria stood up and showed joy towards the medics, Blue let up and allowed the medics to help her and bring her out of the cold. Victoria and Blue were taken into a helicopter and flown to safety

Victoria had frostbite, but her life was not in danger. Blue had saved her life by diligently keeping her warm and protecting her. Victoria’s family is thankful for their dedicated and loving dog for being such a helpful companion through this hardship. Blue demonstrated the true love between pet and family.

Check out the CNN report of this incredible incident and true display of compassion:

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