Remarkable Search and Rescue Dog Finds Lost 5 Year Old

By: Nathan Grant

A five year old from New Jersey went missing in a wooded area..

The York County Sheriff’s Office was contacted to report the missing boy, Grecco. He had been separated from his family while hiking off of Hussey Hill road.

Fortunately, Maine Search and Rescue Dog handler Dorothy Smail and her dog Tala came to the rescue.

Tala found Grecco about a half mile from where he had last been seen. He was lying down in the woods playing dead. Grecco thought that Tala was a fox and acted fast.

Image Credit: WCSH6

Smail introduced herself to Grecco, and quickly spread the word about finding him. The Maine Game Wardens, York County Deputies, Maine State Police, Action Fire department, and York County EMA were all searching for Grecco.

Image Credit: WCSH6

Both a bloodhound team from the Maine Warden Service and a K9 team from Maine Search and Rescue worked to find Grecco. Dogs are an important asset, as they can search in ways humans are unable.

Image Credit: WCSH6

Thanks to Tala, Grecco is safe and sound. Besides being wet, tired and hungry, he suffered no injuries.

Image Credit: WCSH6

The Maine Wardens Service reminds everyone to stick together when hiking and to try and keep on marked trails. If someone is lost after 15-20 minutes of searching, be sure to contact the Warden Service to get a professional search time right away. Stay safe!

Source: WCSH6

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