Family Sees Lost Dog and Thought It Was a Prank

By: Nathan Grant

For one Michigan family, they thought they’d never see their beloved family dog, Bambi. After four long years, a miracle happened.

Bambi, now 12-years-old, was found by a police officer in Toledo, Ohio, over a hundred miles away from her home in Lansing, Michigan. The Lucas County Canine Care and Control was able to track down Bambi’s family thanks to the dog’s microchip. When Bambi’s dad, Bradley Wieferich got the call, he was in shock and “actually thought it was a prank call,” he told The Blade.

Source: Lucas County Canine Care & Control/Facebook

When Bambi arrived at the shelter, she was very thin, but despite her hardships, she was still sweet and loving. Although there is no way of knowing what Bambi had been up to for four years, one thing is clear: her reunion with her family wouldn’t have been possible without the help of her microchip.

“This is just another great reminder about the importance of microchips and making sure your dogs chip is registered and with current information. It’s also a great reminder that if you find a stray dog that they get scanned for a microchip, because they may have a family out there who’s missing them like crazy!” the shelter shared on social media.

Bambi had been with the family since she was seven or eight-months-old, but had begun escaping after the family’s other dog died of cancer. She ran away about six months later and the family searched extensively for her. When Bambi didn’t turn up, the family heartbreakingly assumed she had passed or was taken in by another family. It may have taken four years, but now Bambi is back exactly where she belongs: with a family who loves her!

Wieferich shared with The Blade that Bambi is settling back into her home “better than expected.”

As Bambi story highlights, accidents do happen and it’s best to be prepared. Always microchip your pet and make sure their pet identification information is up to date. It’s also a good idea to make sure your dog has proper tags on their collar with the pets name and your contact number. Taking preventive steps could mean being happily reunited with your cherished pet!

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