Couple Builds Megabed to Sleep Soundly with 8 Rescue Dogs

By: Nathan Grant

Chris and Mariesa were getting awfully tired of spending the night squeezing in bed with their seven rescue dogs. The couple realized something had to be done to make everyone’s life more comfortable. The solution? A giant bed that fits the whole family!

Image Credit: Tanya Bissallion Photography

To make this megabed, the couple used two mattresses, making the bed nearly 14 feet in length and 7 feet wide (to compare for you, a king-sized mattress averages about 6 feet wide and 6.5 feet long).

Image Credit: Mr. Mo Project

The bed took around six months to be created. Thought was put into every family member – which is why a little staircase is included at the end of the bed. A headboard was added that pays tribute to a dog that had recently passed away at 16 years old. The bed even has big drawers at the bottom in order to have space for additional storage.

Image Credit: Michael’s Custom Interiors

The couple that created this bed are founders for the Mr. Mo Project, an organization that helps elderly and sick dogs find loving homes. The project works to cover the daunting medical costs of an older pet. Needless to say, the couple loves dogs!

Image Credit: Mr. Mo Project

In the process of creating this bed, another dog came into the mix.  Now the couple has a nice, large bed for all 8 of their rescued dogs.  What a loving family!

Image Credit: Mr. Mo Project

(h/t PawMyGosh and Today)

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